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Back Order Rules

Back Order Process

Back order purchases can only be refunded once the item has been delivered. From that point, you will have to return the item back unopen & unused to qualify for a full refund. Anytime an item is on "BACK ORDER" you will know prior to purchasing; on the product title you should see a notification of back order status. If we fail to inform you of back order via product title or email within 48Hrs of receiving order & you request a refund we will honor it "NO IF &'s OR BUTTS".

The law

As per the [FTC] The federal Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Trade Regulation Rule requires stores to ship telephone, mail, fax, and Internet orders within 30 days. If the merchant promises an earlier shipment date, it must meet that deadline. If the retailer has a reasonable basis for not getting your order out on time, it must obtain your consent to the delay. And if you don't respond or consent, the merchant must issue a refund. Merchants have more time—50 days instead of 30—to make the shipment if you're also applying for credit.

You should know

The clock begins running on shipping deadlines when the seller receives a properly completed order, including any advance payments. The merchant can't add any of the days it took for your check to clear or for its bank to credit its account with your payment. And it doesn't matter whether a fulfillment house or drop shipper the merchant used to handle orders caused the delay.

So if you're expecting a shipment and the retailer tries to contact you about a delay, be sure to respond or your order will be cancelled, even if you still want it.